Friday, April 11, 2008

Character-Building by Mother Nature

Here in Minnesota, we think our weather builds strong character. Today was a case in point, with freezing temps, high winds, ice, and snow on April 11th! Lake Superior is just a few blocks from New Moon's Duluth home and it looked like this today. The buses even stopped running and that never happens.

Of course, our friend Jorge in sunny California couldn't resist telling us how warm and balmy it was there. But we don't hold it against him because we know our weather builds strong character.

I did feel just a bit upset when the power kept going out and there was no hot water to make another mug of hot chocolate. Really, if we must have snow in April we should at least be able to have some hot chocolate! Don't you agree?


Brian said...

As another Californian, I'll do my best to refrain about gloating about the weather here. For instance, I won't even mention that I'm wearing shorts and sandals today. ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian i feel no sympathy for you. I'll be happy if we don't get any_more_ snow in May.
New reader to the blog, love it so far. :)