Friday, December 12, 2008

Nancy Needs Your Help


How to Explain New Moon Girls

I need your creative brains to help me find new ways to tell more parents and teachers about New Moon Girls magazine and online. Girls love NewMoonGirls but we need a lot more people to give it a try and see what it’s all about.


I’m looking for the best ideas and words to motivate parents and teachers to click an online ad.  Please reply to this email or send an email to and tell me how you describe why you love New Moon as a parent or teacher – in 12 words or less. Why should parents/grandparents/aunt/uncles get a membership for a girl. What do you think is New Moon’s strongest selling point?

Here’s some of the wording and themes we’re using in ads now – let me know if you like or dislike these:

1. NewMoonGirls lets Girls Discover, Create, and Share
2. You can Trust NewMoonGirls because of its commitment to privacy and quality
3. Both your girls and you will love NewMoonGirls (Moms & Dads because of the quality, girls because they can connect and create)
4. NewMoonGirls enables your daughter to grow stronger and confident
5. NewMoonGirls inspires your daughter to tap into her creativity

Please share your thoughts on what works and what does not. What other themes and words should we try using? 


Thanks so much for your help with this – I’ll keep you posted on the results and the new ads we are developing.

All About Family starting Dec 13

Features include Amber and Heidi’s foster family in “We Belong Together,” mother-daughter communication tips from Maddy and her mom Sally in “Making Myself Clear,” and how to make a memory book in “Thanks for the Memories.” Girls can also share their favorite family stories with us at the Spotlight hub at all this week!

New Moon Girls Gift Ideas

New Moon Girls has some great new gifts this holiday season! We’ve got New Moon Girls notebooks, hoodies, messenger bags and more! You can buy a few New Moon Girls gift online at Café Press, and visit the New Moon Store for even more!

Welcome, Malia and Sasha Obama!

The deadline for letters, artwork, videos, and everything else girls are creating to welcome Malia and Sasha to the White House is coming up fast! Upload her creations to the “Your Stuff” section on, submit them to the Sister to Sister hub, or email them to by December 15th, 2008.


We’ll put all your wishes for Malia and Sasha together in a package that will be sent to them with their first issue of New Moon Girls magazine!


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