Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot in California

I'm having a marelous time at Stanford University's profssional publishing course. The weather's been unseasonably hot but it's worth it.

Meeting interesting publishers as well as some of the icons of magazine & book publishing. And everyone's trying to figure out how to use the internet for good, not junk (well, maybe not everyone!).

Visiting was particularly thoughtprovoking - wondering if parents of 8-12 year old girls would like to get similarly age-appropriate info about your daughter's growth & development? Would you? Let me know.


JGH said...

Nancy, your post about teen magazines was really helpful. My daughter is 10 and already asking for Tiger Beat. Unfortunately, I promised this as a reward for good grades. (I do believe a New Moon subscription is in our near future!). I would be interested in what other moms of girls of this age are seeing. For example, are moms in other parts of the country allowing cell phones at this age? Why or why not? And if not now, when?
Love your blog!

Nancy Gruver said...

Thanks for your comment. How about it readers? Do you feel 10 is a good age for a cell phone?

Why or why not?

And, shameless self-promotion: get a New Moon Girls subscription today - don't wait! Our readers are ages 8-12+.

Antonia said...

Is ten too young for a cell phone? My short response - it depends on the girl, her family and situation; her readiness for a phone is most likely subjective.

I remember the chiding from my closest friends when my daughter received her first cell phone - at age 8. At that juncture though, my kids and I spent significant time on opposite coasts. All in all, her maturity level combined with the circumstances led me to provide her with a cell phone. My daughter does not use it to call friends when a land line is available, and her only texts are to me. This improved our communication, her (and my own) sense of security - knowing that she could reach me under any circumstance. The cell phone has been a great tool (not a toy or even privilege) as both my kids now fly across the country as unaccompanied minors. My critics eventually agreed with the wisdom of outfitting my kids to effectively communicate with family and when appropriate, friends. When one asked how I would cope if this occurred 12 years ago, I replied that each kid would get the pre-1996 version of a cell phone: a roll of quarters!

So glad I found your blog!

Nancy Gruver said...

Thanks for your comment about cell phones - each family has its own circumstances to factor in. Not to speak of how different all our girls are. So there really isn't a "one size fits all" solution. And I'm glad you found the blog, too, welcome to our community.