Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog, Happy New Year


It’s All about Girls & the Future

Dear Blog,

New for Your Girl in January


It’s a New Year! The month of January is packed with great content & activities at New Moon Girls. Start off this week learning about the future—with articles about the future of the environment and technology; to original girl poetry!
Blog, check all this out (and more) online with your  girl s. Other weekly themes this month are Growing Up (What the Future Holds), Religion/Obama’s Inauguration, Name Calling, and Black Herstory Week.  Be sure to check New Moon Girls every week for new exciting content!

Content for YOU at

Have you noticed your  girl  changing—not just her body but the way she thinks? Ann talks about these changes in “Teach Her to Make a Better World.” And Stephanie talks about how the Arts gives  girl s a voice in “How the Arts Makes Girls Strong.” 
Are you concerned about how your  girl  is going to make the journey from childhood to teenhood? Mimi talks about this journey, and gives great tips in “Raising Compassionate Girls.” Check out these articles and more this week at

Parenting Poll Results

The results are in! We asked what you consider to be the most important factor when deciding when your daughter is ready to go online.

Thanks for participating in last week’s poll—please participate again in this week’s poll!
Her maturity and trustworthiness got the highest response at 44%. Twenty-four percent of you chose What web site she wants to visit. Third place was a tie between Her age and How available you are to supervise her at 16 percent.

New Magazine Feature


Are you excited for your  girl ’s future?!? A fun and inspiring activity to do together is writing a letter to her and your future selves! Check out the article “Dear Me,” on page 24 in your new Jan/Feb 2009 issue of New Moon Girls for starters for this awesome project!



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