Friday, January 16, 2009

It’s Inauguration Week


On Tuesday, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in. We’re featuring special inauguration coverage all week at New Moon Girls. If a girl you know is lucky enough to be going to President-elect Obama’s Inauguration, we want to hear from her! Please be our reporters for the day.

Calling All Girl Reporters!

Here’s our request for girl reporters: We want to know what it’s like through your eyes! If you’re watching the inauguration on TV or listening to the radio, let us know how that feels, too. What did you think about the speeches? What are you and your friends or family talking about? Submit your coverage to Spotlight so that we can all feel like we’re right there with you! 

Gift Membership for Malia and Sasha Obama

After the election, a mom called to order a 4-year gift membership to New Moon Girls for Malia and Sasha Obama. She doesn’t know the girls personally, but she said that New Moon Girls has helped her own daughter so much. That’s why she wanted the Obama girls to have it, too.


We’re excited and are welcoming Malia and Sasha to the White House and to New Moon Girls this week. Girls Editorial Board member Nneoma writes about how much it means to have a presidential family who is African American like hers. And members Sara and Grace wish the Obama girls luck at their new schools.


Girls should send their “Welcome to Malia and Sasha” letters, poems, drawings to Spotlight all week! We’re putting together a package that will be given to their mom, Michelle.

Got Inner Beauty?

There’s still a couple days left to nominate girls for our special Beautiful Girls issue of the magazine (May/June). The girl you nominate might be featured in the May/June 2009 issue of New Moon Girls magazine! And every girl who is nominated gets special honor on our website. Learn more here.


Want inspiration? Read about Zella, who’s beautiful because she knows when to talk to a friend, and when to let her be alone. Jordan loves drawing manga and isn’t afraid to give an unpopular opinion. Check out these and more at the Beautiful Girls section of New Moon Girls.

New Moon Girls are Visionaries

Back in December we asked girls to tell us their Vision of Change for Girls with our new government coming in. Now their responses are featured in the Winter issue of Ms. Magazine along with people like Alice Walker, Shirley Tilghman (President of Princeton University), Kathy Najimy and Ani DiFranco! This is a great honor for New Moon and girls made it happen–Thanks!


CEO and Founder, New Moon Girl Media

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