Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inaugurate with Service

Barack Obama's inauguration is a little more than a week away and I'm looking forward to that historic day for our country. It's going to be exciting!

Many parents have told me that they're looking for ways to share the meaning of this special day with their children. One idea I like is to spend the day before inauguration (which just happens to be Martin Luther King Day, January 19) doing some sort of service. Look here for suggestions.

Just imagine doing this with your daughter--it will create special memories that stay with both of you. At a time when we face big challenges as a nation and as individuals, it carries the power of meaningful action. And it will give her the experience of true citizenship.

Let me know what you do - I can't wait to hear your stories.

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Shaping Youth said...

Hi Nancy, I just did a follow up on this at Shaping Youth as well...I love the Google mapping/social media feature where kids can find LOCAL projects nearby to help out!

Can't decide which one to choose!
I'll be posting about a variety of Malia and Sasha 'welcomes' (inc. yours) as well as all the ways youth can use media to be a part of the 'virtual' inauguration! ttys, Amy