Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girls Envision Change

New Moon Girls’ vision for change is prominently featured in the winter issue of Ms. Magazine – along with people like Alice Walker, Shirley Tilghman (president of Princeton), Ani DiFranco, and others. What an honor for us!
Here's what our members had to say:
GIVE GIRLS WHAT THEY WANT. As girls ages 8 through 15, we’re so excited that
Malia and Sasha will be in the White House! What we need from the president is
better health care for girls and more opportunities for college—not just getting
in, but paying for it. We need to end the war in Iraq, because so many women and
girls are dying there. As we grow up, we need choices about our own bodies and
we need equal pay. Most of all, we need a president who listens to all girls and
respects us. P.S. We’re sending Malia and Sasha a four-year membership to New

And be sure to pick up a copy of the actual magazine - the online doesn’t include the wonderful photo of the Girls Editorial Board that’s in the magazine.

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